Austin Coffeehouses

This list is really, really without any kind of sorting / ranking. It is simply a random collection of places that I enjoy visiting for “coffee”. At the bottom I also have a running “coffee wishlist”, a subset of my overall Austin Restaurant Wishlist ;~)

I would very much appreciate any suggestion you might have of coffee places not in this list already.

  • 360 Uno Trattoria (West Lake) –
  • Quack’s (Campus) –
  • Caffe Medici (Campus, West Lynn, Downtown) – the 3 locations, though similar, have their own unique “feel”. Parking in any of the locations is of course a challenge, just because of where they are located. But if you happen to be around, the experience is positive.
  • Fair Bean Coffee (South) –
  • Fat Cats Organic Coffee & Desserts (North) –
  • Flipnotics
  • Genuine Joe Coffeehouse
  • Hot Rod Coffee Trailer
  • Jo’s Coffee (South, Downtown)
  • Monkey Nest – one of the very few 24 hour places in town. They have really good coffee, tea and desserts.
  • Mozart’s Coffee Roasters – even if you don’t want coffee or the desserts / pastries they offer, the view alone is worth it.
  • Once Over Coffee Bar () –
  • Progress () –
  • San Francisco Bakery & Café () –
  • Sodade Coffee – Closed 🙁
  • Upper Crust (Central / Campus) – No WiFi 🙁 That is my only complain about Upper Crust. They have really good coffee and the desserts are awesome. Simply awesome.
  • Pacha (Central / Campus) –
  • Lamppost (Round Rock) –
  • Star Coffee Co. (Round Rock) –
  • Epoch () –
  • Trianon
  • Sweetish Hill (Downtown) –
  • Steeping Room, The (Domain) –
  • Lavazza (Downtown) – have only been here once but the Bicerin I tried was soooo good.
  • Walton’s Fancy & Staple –
  • Caffe Yolly
  • Bribery Bakery
  • Whole Foods Market – the only thing I am not too fond of is that they don’t offer non-disposable cups
  • Central Market
  • la Madeleine French Bakery & Café
  • Coffee Shark – (Jester)
  • The Factory – (Anderson Ln) – Open till mid-night (awesome). Interesting desserts and food. But they are not Laptop friendly. Though almost everyone there were on their “tablet”.
  • Summer Moon Coffee Bar – (Burnet) – Believe there are a few locations but so far I’ve only been to the Burnet one. Good coffee though I’ve not tried too many options – yet. Great service from the staff and also all the other patrons were very friendly.
  • la Patisserie – Have only been to the Burnet Rd location. But they both close really early 🙁
  • Barrett’s Coffee

– manzoor

  • Figure 8 Coffee
  • Seventh Flag Coffee
  • Patika
  • Anderson’s Coffee Company
  • Juan Pelota –
  • Radio Coffee Beer
  • Houndstooth Coffee
  • Cuvée Coffee
  • Wright Bros. Brew & Brew
  • Vintage Heart Coffee
  • Halcyon Mueller – open till midnight (I believe)
  • Cherrywood Coffee

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