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July 20th, ’17 – Only been to their Burnet Rd / Crestview location and only once. Tried the Opera Cake and some coffee – and also their WiFi to get some “work” done.

BTW, did not pay attention but they do also have a small lunch menu. Had I seen that I would definitely have tried that instead of the dessert as it was high time for lunch. I ended up getting burger at the Twisted Root Burger Co. Not that I regret that decision but I really didn’t the extra calories 🙁

I did pick some macaroons to go with me.

– manzoor

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Twisted Root Burger Company

Have only been here once. Had the Verde Burger. The burger itself was good but the bread was a bit weak to hold it all together.

Also, a burger & fries was about $12. Yes, that compares with what other places are charging but I think that is a bit much.

I did like that it was not super crowded / busy.

Am probably going to give it a couple of more tries before I add it to my list of burger places.

The VerdeLots-A-Shroom

– manzoor