Have only been here once and really liked everything about it.

We were there on a Thursday for a early dinner but still could not find a spot to park and finally had to give in and park at the lot close by.

We were seated almost immediately, bu the window. Which was really nice. We had some hushpuppies, which sounded really amazing on the menu and was just as good when brought to us. It had a drizzle of some spicy oil that you usually see at various Chinese restaurants. It went really well.

My daughter chose the Chicken and Waffle and I had the burger but had to ask for the pineapple to not be added. The burger was decent but the chicken and waffle was really good. It had a bit of a kick (spicy kick) that neither of us were expecting. Also the waffle was made in a somewhat different waffle maker. Which was interesting for sure.

Crawfish HushpuppiesChicken & Waffles

Definitely am looking forward to another trip. But there are so many other places that are also on my wishlist that I am not sure when we will be making another trip here.

– manzoor

Pitchfork Pretty

First heard about this place on the radio and the description of the “Fried Chicken” was what got me to add it to my wishlist. And then it was a while before I was able to make it there. The very first time was a dinner trip and the 2nd time, a couple of months later, was a brunch run.
Crab ToastSteak & EggsThe Lox
Potato Gnocchi with Cauliflower & Sunflower Seed PestoFried Chicken

  • Jun 17th, ’18 – Brunch
  • April 17th, ’18 – Dinner

– manzoor

Taste of Ethiopia Restaurant & Cafe

Have known about this place for ever and ever but somehow have just never made it. Finally last nite we did go there. The service was very nice and the whole dining experience was very unique – in a positive way.

We had the goat and a beef thing and the third one I believe we meant to get the lamb but may have changed our mind at the very last minute. Need to go back and figure out what happened.

– manzoor

Julie’s Noodles

Been meaning to try it out even before it opened. But it is right next to Din Ho and CoCo’s Cafe which makes it really difficult to pick. But I did finally make it, by myself. Which made it more difficult for me to choose what to order. There were so many things that I really wanted to try. Eventually I chose the “Beef Burrito” and the “Lamb Stewed Soup”. Either of them would have been enough for most people but I was really hungry and also I had a feeling it is going to be a while before I make it again.

Lamb Stewed Noodle SoupBeef Burrito

– manzoor